Gift Shop Guidelines:

   Items for the gift shop may be brought in by arrangement with the gift by calling 207-363-4049 or emailing

   All items of interest to YAA are those that have a unique artistic flare, are hand crafted, or reflect the unique beauty of the state and especially the coast. We recommend items that can be purchased for up to $75 and might also have a great potential for a gift.

   All exhibiters in the YAA Gift Shop must be members. Go to and click the Membership tab for information (membership is $40 from January 1– December 31, 2015).

   A YAA Gift Shop agreement form will be available at drop off or on our website. This agreement will include contact information and an inventory list of items accepted. Each item will have a tag or sticker on it with your full name, artist's number with # sign, your personal code number and a price. (Corrine Gilman #39 101 $25.00 as an example), this is necessary for our new cash register system.  Participants will be required to complete an itemized inventory with one of the Gift Shop Agreement forms HERE prior to bringing over their items. Bring no more than 4-6 larger items or a dozen smaller items and a plastic bin approximately 9x12 with your name on it so we can store a few thing in overflow.  If you have small items and wish to provide a simple basket for them, that would be helpful.  

 Each item will be labeled as above, and every individual piece must be securely labeled.  These must be done ahead of time, not at intake.  Artist names, not business names, will be used as this coincides with payment.

   An effort will be made to rotate gift shop items to provide opportunity for as many as possible qualified artists and crafters to market their work. Gift shop staff will be responsible for display, we would appreciate it if artists did not change displays on their own.

   Final decisions regarding numbers of items accepted and displayed will be made by the Gift Shop Committee and Board. We will be using seasonal themes like "Think Spring" etc and work must be renewed and refreshed for each season so plan to pick up your work after 90 days.

   The gallery attendants or volunteers will handle sales. YAA receives a 30% commission on all sales. Crafters will be paid by the 15th of the month following a sale.

   We have Glass Display Shelving, but a minimum of display hardware. If you are bringing small items, you might want to bring your displays.

   Any questions regarding items of interest can discussed via phone.

   UNCLAIMED WORK – The Gift Shop and the Gallery are opened from March – December. If we cannot reach you to discuss pick up of your artwork in December, we will store art for up to 3 months, and then place it on sale in the store to benefit the organization.

Gift Shop Agreement Form 

Gift Shop Agreement Form (>5 items)

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