Artist Submissions

Planning to enter a YAA Show?  

Please read the show-specific Call for Art carefully and please pay close attention to the details

What types of exhibitions does YAA sponsor?

Member Shows:

Submissions are accepted from current YAA members only.  Generally the schedule supports 12 Member Shows a year.

Open Shows: 

Submissions are accepted from YAA members and non-members.

Juried Shows: 

Entries are selected to be exhibited and judged for awards by a qualified Juror.  

Only accepted works are hung or installed. 

Member Shows and Open Shows may be juried.

Non-Juried Shows: All artwork received is hung and installed.

Artists check on theme and taking a careful look at the guidelines for presentation on the web site, they create and select the pieces they wish to share. All are accepted, welcomed and encouraged. Intake volunteers make sure registration is in order, and information is clearly understood, and pieces are wired or otherwise prepared for exhibition in accordance with the guidelines. Wire and screws will be available if, new to the process, and assistance needed. Denise Houde-Forsyth, Ellen Pelletier, Alice Lee Timmins and Aimee Timmins comprise this team. 

The curatorial committee has devised the guidelines which are posted on the web site. At show time, a group of three select one piece from each artist - the one that most clearly expresses the theme. With that selection made, they have the basic bones of the final exhibit. Now they work, much as a quilter or collagist might work, to flesh out the total show by making additional selections. In this they face several challenges - to make an equitable sharing of the available space and to include the full variety of mediums, styles, sizes and shapes. In the process, they create the overall plan or pattern in which pieces will be displayed. Their goal is to create an interesting and compelling exhibit in which each artist is shown to advantage. Because space has its limits, there will be some pieces that cannot be included. Notification will be sent to those who need to pick up work. At present this team includes Maryse Newton, Ken Gilbride, Elizabeth Cromley, and Ellen Snow. Others will be involved on a show by show basis. They rotate three to a show so that selection is not always the decision of the same small group.

The installation crew spackle, paint, ladders, measuring tape, levels, hammers and nails in hand, they follow the plan devised by the CC. When you watch them work, you get to see an almost magical transformation of the gallery! The present crew includes Ken and Sally Gilbride, Dennis Glidden and Christopher Brent and others. Additional volunteers are always welcome and needed. We need someone to make the wall labels and also volunteers to plan, set up, host and clean up the receptions. Any or all of these aspects could be for one month or several. In the fall, I will organize an open invitation to all members to join a brainstorming session at which the themes for next year will be determined. These meetings are always lively and address many ideas and questions about our exhibits. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and helping you find a way to join in this adventure.

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