2019/20  THE WALL Calendar Exhibitors

October - November:  Thomas Merriam & Michal Smiglowski

December:  Cynthia Knowles

January - February:  Maryse Newton

- March - April:  OPEN

 May:  OPEN

June - July:  Thomas Merriam

August:  David Mazur

September:  Judy Walker

October:   Ri Tarnpoll



  • What is the WALL?:  The WALL is a 9 foot wide by 10 foot high space in YAA's gallery.  
  • ONE YAA artist member displays their body of work for a 2 month period for $100.
  • Artist's responsibility:
  • An artist's Biography that includes a picture of the artist and one picture of their work.  This will be submitted as an article or contents of an article to hard copy publications as the FEATURED ARTIST for YAA.  
  • Send the bio and jpeg of work to the following 2 persons, (please note - jpeg must be 300dpi or better and labeled with LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL AND TITLE) Promotional layout publications: Taryn Myers     website/social media: Wendy Hazen
  • FEATURED ARTISTS work will be displayed on the postcard that is sent to members, distributed in different locations, such as frame shops, B&Bs, hotels, etc.
  • The FEATURED ARTIST information will also be used for advertising purposes on the YAA website and other forms of social media.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  For advertising and promotional purposes, solicitation for the WALL must be contracted 30 days before the opening day of the exhibition.
  • No works will be accepted if they are not dry and ready for hanging
  • sign up for the WALL in the NEW binder available at the YAA office.
  • Who hangs the show?  The hanging committee hangs the show.  If a plot map is available for the hanging committee, that is always appreciated.  PLEASE NOTE:  labels are 5" either below or to the right of each frame
  • When do all the paintings for the wall need to be received?  On the same receiving days for the current show, refer to 2019 exhibit calendar for take in and pick up dates
  • When is the $100. payment due?  When the artist contracts for the WALL.  Remember, that show submission sheets and tags are required.
  • for further information regarding shipping of paintings, please contact EXHIBITION CHAIR for special arrangements and costs

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