Art Wall Rental

  •  The area is a 9 foot wide by 10 foot high space in gallery.  
  • ONE artist displays their body of work for a month and rental is $100
  • Artist's responsibility:
  • An artist's Biography that includes a picture of the artist and one picture of their work.  This will be submitted as an article or contents of an article to hard copy publications as the FEATURED ARTIST. 
  • Send the bio and jpeg of work to the following 2 persons, (please note - jpeg must be 300dpi or better and labeled with LAST NAME, FIRST INITIAL AND TITLE) to
  • FEATURED ARTISTS work will be displayed on the postcard that is sent to members, distributed in different locations, such as frame shops, B&Bs, hotels, etc.
  • The FEATURED ARTIST information will also be used for advertising purposes on the YAA website and other forms of social media.
  • PLEASE NOTE:  For advertising and promotional purposes, solicitation for the WALL must be contracted 30 days before the opening day of the exhibition.
  • No works will be accepted if they are not dry and ready for hanging
  • sign up by contacting 207-363-4049
  • Who hangs the show?   A committee hangs the show.  If a plot map is available for the committee, that is always appreciated.  PLEASE NOTE:  labels are 5" either below or to the right of each frame
  • When do all the pieces need to be received?  On the same receiving days for the current show, refer to 2019 exhibit calendar for take in and pick up dates
  • When is the $100. payment due?  When the artist contracts for the WALL.

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