Black & White

Photography Workshop

Saturday, January 11, 2020

10:00AM - 2:00PM

PLEASE NOTE - Workshop is limited to the first 10 photographers to sign up

What You'll Learn


Tones and shadows create the effects that make black and white photography so dramatic. From white to black there are 256 shades of gray in between. Understanding the nuances of shades from different ends of the spectrum provide the photographer with a range of effects that bring black and white photos to a higher level of quality.


Some compositions work well with black and white and unfortunately others don’t. In this workshop, you will learn what type of subjects are best for black and white photography. Additionally, light will impact every aspect of the quality of the photo. Adjusting your subject and light in the right composition creates bold black and white richness.


When done right form will bring your black and white photos to life. Landscape and architecture are wonderful examples of the moods and real feel created from black and white photography. Once you learn the techniques you will bring your photos to life photography workshops photography classes

What You'll Need:

DSLR Camera

Laptop with Lightroom installed

Link to Lightroom free trial

What You'll Do:

10:00 - Presentation & Discussion of Black & White Techniques & Tips

11:00 - Walk Around Photo Tour Taking Pictures

12:30 - Working Lunch & Discussion (BYOL - Bring Your Own Lunch)

1:00 - Lightroom Processing

2:00 - Departure

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