WOW! (Watercolor and Oil Workshop)

  • 20 Aug 2016
  • 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
  • York Art Association GALLERY 394 York Street, York, ME 03909
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  • You are registering for the WOW! (Watercolor and Oil Workshop).
  • You are registering for the WOW! (Watercolor and Oil Workshop).

Instruction by visiting Chicago artists who studied at the Art Institute of Chicago.
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(Watercolor and Oil Workshop)


An advanced to intermediate level workshop where participants will experience either oil or watercolor. Please choose your preferred medium when signing up.

The instructors will each do a demo with their respective media and provide plenty of individual help and encouragement. 

    The workshop will conclude with a positive critique of all students paintings including discussion of the experience with each medium.

All participants are asked to bring their own materials. Here is a list of recommended materials:

Watercolors: (Professional grade if possible)

~ Cadmium red medium
~ Alizarin crimson
~ Cadmium yellow medium
~ Cadmium lemon yellow
~ Ultramarine blue
~ Pthalo blue
~ Pthalo green
~ Cobalt blue
~ Burnt sienna
~ Yellow ochre or gamboge
~ … and any other colors you like
Watercolor pallet (John Pike or similar)
Watercolor brushes #6 #9 #12  1” flat (include a squirrel mop if possible)
2 or 3 sheets of professional grade watercolor paper (1/2 sheets are OK…15” x 22”)
Backer board and 4 bulldog clips to hold paper
Small sponge
Small sketch pad and 4B sketch pencil.
Roll of paper towels

Oils Painting:

~ Sketchbook at least 5" x 7"
~ 6B & 2B pencil
~ Masking tape
~ Roll of paper towels (Blue Shop, Viva or Bounty)
~ Palette paper tablet (12x16 without finger hole) or a clean palette
~ At least 2 canvas boards (size range can be 11x14 or 16x20)
~ Mineral spirits (low odor or odorless paint thinner can be purchased at hardware store)
~ Brush cleaning tank/jar (or refer to bottom of list)
~ Palette knife (approx. 2" trowel shaped blade #45 Italian Palette knife)
~ Natural bristle brushes with long handles (Flats #2, #4, #6)
~ Liquin (a medium and drying agent - a must for faster drying)
~ Minimum Color Recommendations:
     * Titanium White
     * Alizarin Crimson
     * Cadmium Red Medium
     * Cadmium Orange
     * Cadmium Yellow Light
     * Cadmium Yellow Medium
     * Viridian Green or Pthalo Green
     * Ultramarine Blue
     * Cerulean Blue or Cobalt Blue
         If you already have oil paints, bring what you have and we can go over them if there are any questions
~ Stand up easel (Julien or other plein air easel)
** Three empty plastic 16oz water/soda bottles with caps (you will be shown how to use these in class to substitute for a turp tank and for waste mineral spirits)
*** Corrugated cardboard box or pizza box (to carry your wet painting home)
**** Plastic grocery bag (for your trash)

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