Exhibit Your Artwork 'OUTSIDE YAA'  ~ LOCALLY

One of our member benefits is the YAA has made arrangements with various venues throughout the York area for members to exhibit their work. This enables a member artist to have greater exposure of their works to a wider audience.

requirements for YAA Outside Exhibits: 

  • MUST be a current YAA member with dues paid. 
  • ALL displayed pieces must be "For Sale" 
  • TALK to the contact at the Outside Exhibit location, where your art will be displayed, prior to the month you start.
  • The "outgoing" artist removes his/her work in the morning on the last exhibiting day*. 
  • The "incoming" artist hangs their work in the afternoon on the last exhibiting day of the previous exhibited*.
  • EACH artist should exhibit a framed artist's statement or "bio" along with their work and TITLE of their exhibit. 
  • All checks from sales of exhibited artwork, should be made payable to: "York Art Association" and then sent to:

York Art Association

Attn:  Maryse Newton

PO Box 74

York, ME  03909-0074

The artist will then get reimbursed within 30 days; with 30% of the sale price going to YAA/ 70% to artist   

Please contact Maryse Newton for acceptance, scheduling and further information:

MARYSE NEWTON, the outside exhibit chair

"The space provided for hanging our artwork is FREE, please RESPECT these establishments so we may continue to have these wonderful opportunities available to us!"  YAA sentiments

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DPL art contract        Dover Public Library   DPL exhibit document

2019 exhibition schedule for Dover Public Library

November - AVAILABLE

December - AVAILABLE

2020 exhibition schedule for Dover Public Library

January -

February -

March -

April -


3 month shows/ Openings on the 1st Friday/ provide 10+ addresses for invitation

2019 exhibition schedule for Sentry Hill

July/August/September   (7/5/2019 Opening Reception)    AVAILABLE

October/November/December   (10/4/2019 Opening Reception)    AVAILABLE

2020 exhibition schedule for Sentry Hill

Jan/Feb/March   (1/3/2020 Opening Reception)     

April/May/June   (4/3/2020 Opening Reception)    

Kennebunk Room, York Public Library

2019 exhibition schedule for Kennebunk Room, York Public Library

June - Thomas Merriam

July - Thomas Merriam

August - CLOSED

September - October  -  CLOSED

November - CLOSED

December - Maryse Newton

2020 exhibition schedule for Kennebunk Room, York Public Library

Jan/Feb  OPEN

March - OPEN

April - open

May - OPEN


2019 exhibition schedule for York Senior Center in Short Sands

June/July  -  AVAILABLE

  Aug/Sept  -  AVAILABLE



2020 exhibition schedule for York Senior Center in Short Sands

Feb/Mar - available


The Outside Exhibit contacts and locations: 

DOVER PUBLIC LIBRARY Susan Dunker  603.516.6050

KENNEBUNK ROOM within the York Library:  Kim Myers  207.363.2818                  

SENTRY HILL:  Jennifer Smith   207.351.5973

YORK SENIOR CENTER in York Beach:   Brenda Bracy 207.363.1036      

**access to the facilities; it is NECESSARY to contact one of the Four persons listed above 30 days prior to 

YOUR exhibition.  Questions or comments, click here*


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