2020  |  Keep the Arts in Sight

Hello curious person.....

YAA recently learned that in 2020 our little red building will be 100 years old!  I know how I feel at 68; imagine the building!?! A discovery in the office led to architect's plans and a building campaign, from 2011,  that a general would envy.  Within these renderings, some of the space has been reconfigured for better use of the buildings space -  gallery - studio/workshop space - gift gallery - and yes....the kitchen.

With the above being said, a campaign slogan needed to be thought of.  Hence the title ...

2020  |  Keep the Arts in Sight  

Now if someone has another thought regarding a title for the building campaign - because of course we need to raise some money to pay the builder, electrician, plumbers, plasters...etc... please let us know.  And if you would like to see the book with the architect's renderings please stop by YAA.

Send your BUILDING CAMPAIGN ideas to Wendy at marketing.  By the by, YAA is very optimistic about how good YAA will look and how well YAA will function. So please join us with ideas.  Thinking caps on!  Thank you....Table of Friends

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