Upcoming exhibits is an ongoing list of exhibitions within York Art Association 


Exhibition:   New Beginnings

March 5 - April 26 

Opening reception March 6, 2020  from 5-7pm

For further details regarding New Beginnings exhibition - LEARN MORE

Exhibition:   Impressions

May 1 - May 31

Opening reception May 1st, 2020  from 5-7pm

Anything that inspires and leaves you dumbfounded. The reflection of sun off water. Something that reminds you of your mother, or loved one. A place you have visited. 

Exhibition:   Blue - Juried

June 5 - June 28

Opening reception June 5, 2020  from 5-7pm

The color of her dress, the shutters on the house, your favorite vase or first car. How about just the way you've been feeling, or the music you listen to. The gallery will feature a pottery display by local artist. 

Exhibition:   Faces of York

July 10 - July 26

Opening reception July 10, 2020  from 5-7pm

How about your neighbors portrait or a collage of your favorite hangout. You don't have to look very far to see things that represent the community you live in. 

Exhibition:   The Color of the Water - Juried

August 7 - August 30

Opening reception August 7th, 2020  from 5-7pm

Pond Lillys and fish, a rain barrel, the curl of a wave, children swimming, 

Exhibition:   Crimson

September 4 - September 27 

Opening reception September 4th, 2020  from 5-7pm

This show can be anything from seeing things through rose colored glasses staring into a glass of red wine. How about that red wagon you use to pull around, or the cardinal at your feeder. 

Expect a concert in the inner gallery on September 26th!

Exhibition:   Harvest of Art - Juried

 October 2 - October 25

Opening reception October 2nd, 2020  from 5-7pm

Image of the season displayed in a very creative environment. This will be as much about how the art is displayed and hung as the art is presented. 

Exhibition:   Gratitude

November 6 - November 29 

Opening reception November 6th, 2020  from 5-7pm

Art that represents what you are grateful for or that demonstrates appreciation.

Harvest pot luck will take place on November 21st. Sign up!!

Exhibition:   Shadows

December 4 - January 3

Opening reception December 4th, 2020  from 5-7pm

As days are shorter and the year comes to an end, what were the memories of the years past. Contrasts between light and dark, and the spaces in between. 

Holiday Party December 11th. 

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